Monday, February 2, 2015

250 Words A Day Challenge! Day Six

A smile found its way onto Todd’s face. Surprised he could remember how to smile, he admitted just a bit more memory into his forethought, though he knew it was a mistake.

Montesquieu chased Todd back over the fence, which ended in Todd catching his foot on the top panel of the gate, followed by the resulting fall. Luckily for Todd, there was another foot of grass before the concrete sidewalk started and he blissfully planted his face in the grass and not the hard man-made ground which would probably have ended in a few missing teeth.

It wasn’t long after prom that he met Amy. He couldn’t even remember who he took to prom, but he absolutely remembered Amy’s face. He was stopping at Alan Tucker’s convenient store, which was still around today, picking up something to some drinks.

It was a day off. His grandfather had allowed him a day off, partly because the diner had been dead that day, but also because school was nearing its end and he wanted Todd to get fun before his senior year was over.

Amy was working at Tucker’s. Todd walked in. He’d recognized her from school, though they never spoke. He knew through others that she’d recently been kicked out of her parents’ house and was trying to make it on her own. At only sixteen.

She was pretty, though Todd was not the kind of guy who generally tried too hard with the girls. He wasn’t good at it. He’d only had a date to prom because his friends set them up. She didn’t call him the next day or any time after.

Todd hadn’t really cared, but he had never been one of those guys who spent all of his time thinking about girls. He had to help his grandfather run the diner after all, so there were always more important things to think about.

The mere act of looking at Amy, of letting his eyes catch even the slightest glimpse of her in all of her grace, her beauty, her strength, her intelligence, her wit, changed all of that. It was the first time he could look at someone and know so much about someone and yet feel like he didn’t know enough.

And that was where Todd had to cut the memories off, for he was treading down that dangerous path again.

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