Tuesday, January 27, 2015

250 Words A Day Challenge! Day Four

The drive had to come to an end and Todd found himself pulling into the parking lot of an inn, one that he didn’t recognize, and soon he was out of the vehicle and moving up the narrow walkway. The path led him through a small gate, which was sandwiched by two concrete walls. Beyond the walls was a small garden, where the path continued all the way to the inn’s front door.

The sign above the parking lot said simply “Inn” but Todd saw a small sign on the front door which read “Agatha’s Palace.” The front building of the inn, which was clearly where the office was located, looked more residential than business, and some small part of Todd’s memory told him that this used to be a house.

Old Ron Davies used to live here. His house still stood. The small clusters of rooms that stood separate from his old house were new, but Todd remembered the days of Ron fighting to keep his home grandfathered in as residential, even though it was right on the corner of what was zoned for businesses.

Ron Davies must have finally passed away and his fight to keep his house a place to be called home lost.

Because it still resembled a home and not a business, Todd felt the compulsion to knock before entering. However, just beneath the sign proclaiming this palace one belonging to Agata, another sign read “Don’t Knock - Please Enter” and Todd felt some solace in knowing that he wasn’t the only who couldn’t entirely shake the memory of the old, crotchety man who used to inhabit the location.

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