Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Void Zone Episode 91, or "Math is hard... But not as hard as Wolverine's Claws... Oh, wait, they're sharp. But they're covered in adamantium, so they're hard too. I'm tired."

NOTE: Brit references being on Sound Cloud in this episode. You'll notice this episode is not, in fact, on Sound Cloud. This is because Brit, being the ever fickle jerk, hasn't decided whether or not he wants to pay for Sound Cloud's service. Stay tuned to see if he ever follows through. Until then, enjoy!

Is The Wolverine the best X-Men film of all time?

Does Time Bandits hold up?

Is The Conjuring worth watching?

Also, Nick wants everyone to be involved in Reddit gift exchanges. AJ and Brit say no.

Listen to the episode below or download it here!

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