Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Week of Kevin Smith, Part Five - "Mallrats"

Smith gets a lot of hate for this one. Weird, because I laughed so hard at this movie the first time I watched it I almost cried. I can rarely call a film perfect, and this one is no exception, but it's another fun Smith romp, filled with irreverence, potty humor, and the kind of sentiments that 14-22 year old Brit could always relate to.

While my adventures in those days were generally restricted to gaming stores and friends' houses, I still identify so much with the leads of this movie, which might lead you to feel for me, or feel for my mother (fair enough) but it's the kind of movie that, in those days, I sought out because I could hear my voice alongside TS and Brodie.

This will probably be the shortest review of these films because there's not much to say about this movie. There are negatives of course; the film is kind of sloppy, it might have been better in black and white, and some of the meandering actually serves a detriment to the movie as a whole.

But the episodic exploits of all the characters in question (Brodie, TS, and of course Jay and Silent Bob) is pure entertainment. So maybe it doesn't have the kind of resonance that the original Clerks had, but it still hit a spot with me where I could identify two characters, more than Dante and Randal (don't get me wrong, I love those two) that I had probably way too much in common with.

So, while this review only offers a glimpse into why I like this film, there's not much more to offer than that. This is nowhere near as loquacious as my Dogma review. But to be fair, Dogma had a lot more going on a cultural level. Mallrats doesn't. But it doesn't have to.

Not every movie has to shake the foundations of thought and believe. Sometimes a movie can just be good, or fun, or sad, or scary, or thoughtful. Sometimes a movie can just be entertaining.

Mallrats is fun. It's entertaining.


Brit W.

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