Monday, November 21, 2011

Raising the funds, or "Making movies on a dime isn't as easy as it looks... It doesn't look easy, does it?"

This isn't an attempt at placing guilt on anyone. So before you read, don't think that I'm trying to pull on your heart strings because I (unintentionally) imply here that I'm in desperate need of resources to continue making films and podcasting. Artistically I am, but that's not as important as the kind of need that comes with needing food, or sleep, or a home.

No, I'm simply writing this to let people know that all of us here at Out of the Void Productions, and indeed, the greater entity that is the Four Corners Filmmakers will continue to make the products we do now. But, that said, we'd love it if people could help.

Times are hard, and no one here will dispute that. Gone are the old days of independent film financing. There's just too many people out there who want to make movies, and too many studios who have plowed the fields in their attempts to control independent films, or make their own "brand" of indie film.

But gone are the times where we needed those enormous kinds of funds. No, we are in a new era of filmmaking, where anyone with the will and the drive can make movies. And they should. I'm not unhappy that so many people are making movies. It's the next necessary step that we all have to take to get to that point where we find originality in film again. Because we aren't going to find it in Hollywood, maybe ever again. The new frontier, even if it's still an unexplored one, is filmmaking by the masses. With HD SLR and better and more mobile prosumer camcorders getting better and better, it's only a matter of time. And with each new technological tier surpassed, those of us who like to keep doing these things on the cheap get a nice surprise.

But even doing things so cheaply, we have to find funding somewhere. So while times are difficult, we are not asking for much. Much at all. Even amounts as small as 5 or 10 dollars are perfectly good. So check out the top right hand corner of the screen, where we have our donations button, via PayPal. Every little bit helps us get that much product out there. So, maybe instead of going to see "Werewolf, teenage, vampire, sparkles part four", or whatever it's called, maybe throw something our way. You'll at least get less pouting from our movies.

But again, regardless of whether or not you donate, we thank you for your support with our short films and podcast action.


-Brit W.

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