Sunday, July 17, 2011

Making a Movie, or "Contributing to the art of film."

Well, I'm proud to announce something pretty cool on here: I'm now raising money to make my first feature. I've mostly directed theatre in the past and have wanted for years to transition into filmmaking. I've one short under my belt, and soon to be more, but I feel constrained by the shorter pieces. While they allow us to be very creative and do things we couldn't normally do in a feature, I still feel like I've got enough story to tell in a longer piece.

Now, if you want to help with this, you can! Simply go to the link below and make a donation to our cause. In addition, or even if you don't make one, you can tell your friends about us. Any amount would be great (I've set a floor of $1, so you can give as little as that if you'd like) and every little bit of even just telling all your friends would help us out a lot. Thank you!

Kickstarter link here.

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