Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Supporting Indie Projects, or "The Real Cinema."

I'm a big fan of low budget, home grown projects. They are filled with character, new ideas, and often make some of the most brilliant films. There is something satisfying in watching a film that you know was made with pure heart, and not just to appease the bean counters. I'm not wrong in saying that pretty much the only original work these days is coming from these sorts of films.

So, take a minute, if you would, to head over to this page and, if you can, make a donation, help see this project to life.

Also, while you're at it, anyone and everyone should head over to www.phoenix-fund.org and make a donation there too. I know no one's made of money (except for maybe Warren Buffett who might actually be made of money) but this one is for another good cause, one that is arguably better for the greater good. Traumatic Brain Injury is a big deal, and one that isn't truly appreciated for its severity. There is no cure, save for prevention, and prevention only comes from awareness. Make a donation, a tax deductible one at that, and do something good. And then check out the About Us section and read the Phoenix Stories. You will be inspired.


Brit W.

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