Monday, June 27, 2011

New Blog Segment, or "This seems self serving. Because it is."

Many of you have now read Nick's reviews of the movies we've been seeing. They're great, incomparable, and Nick is our official reviewer person because he just smokes everyone. Now, some of you might remember that I (Brit) wrote a review once upon a time for Thor. It was.... there.

We tossed around the idea of doing a review, counter-review thing for a while, but we already do much of that in the podcast, and it felt sort of redundant. Not to say Nick and I agree on every movie. As time goes on, you'll see that we really don't. But for the times we do agree, it would have felt like reading two of the same thing, even though our writing styles are vastly different, and we usually focus on different elements of the movie.

Instead, my usual narcissism jumped in and I came up with something that I would like to do. Basically, for the truly abysmal movies we see, I'm going to start writing how I would have written/directed it. Is this dripping with ego? Yup. Will it get trolled/flamed/hated on? Yup. And it should. Hopefully, this will inspire other people to leave comments on each one of these posts (called Brit Takes On) to say how they would have done it. Because the best part of the internet is that everyone's basically got an equal voice. And I do love to see different ideas (hence why the Void Zone is so beloved by me.)

First on the list will be Green Lantern, since it would really need some easy fixes and cuts to streamline the movie and make it better. But it won't always be movies we review. I can easily go find other movies we've already seen, or see movies people hate and wished was better, and then give them the judgment. I won't do just anything, however. While my method of selection won't be scientific by any stretch of the imagination, it will involve some level of social consideration.  I won't do The Dark Knight, for example, or James Cameron's Avatar, even though I know there are haters for the former, and I, personally loathe the latter. Those two movies do not have a wide enough sense of general hate to justify doing a take on them. I'll reserve it for the usually widely considered disappointing movies, like the aforementioned Green Lantern and something like Spider-man 3.

So, stay tuned, these will start showing up shortly.

Brit W.

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