Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Beginning, or "How to Make Movies on a Dime"

Greetings from the Void!

We are Out of the Void Productions, a small group of rag-tag, crazy people with a burning, itching feeling that can only be cured with the ointment of filmmaking. And, unfortunately, it's all of you who have to suffer with us.

But it in all seriousness, we are a group of like-minded individuals who have the need to tell stories in a variety of genres and ideas, presented on the medium of film. And it's this desire that we all have that led to the formation of our little group.

We've already produced a book teaser for the ebook "The Brimm-Stone Chapter" and are currently working on our first wave of short films and comedic sketches. While they will stretch along a variety of subjects and ideas, one of the things we pride ourselves on is the amount of work we put into all of our projects.

So, expect a lot of stuff from us in the near future. Until then, cheers!

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