Friday, February 27, 2015

The Void Zone Episode 142, or "All Good Things..."

Join us as we say farewell to our Void Zone compatriot, Steven Johnston, as he moves on to newer things! Sad times, but he'll always be one of us.

We still had to watch movies, however, so we did. With Steven picking the DVD watches, we went ahead and watched Indian Jones and the Last Crusade, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and The DUFF.

Download the show at this link or stream it below!

Monday, February 23, 2015

250 Words A Day Challenge! Day Ten

Releasing her grip from the arms of the chair, Charlotte searched for her her calm. It only half arrived and it took several more minutes for Charlotte to wrench herself from the chair and to stand.

She thought, fleetingly, of Todd and wondered if he’s already received her letter. She wondered if he would even come back, given the way everything played out for him. Particularly between he and Charlotte’s mother.

Reconciling that past would not be easy for him, that much Charlotte knew, but she also knew how much she needed him right now. And that was something Todd did not know.

She would be blindsiding him and, assuming he arrived at all, the risk that he would leave right then and there stood out. But Charlotte knew she did not have a choice. At least not by her thinking.

The way things fell into place, the course she had set for herself, and the course that others had set for her meant that Charlotte was walking a dangerous path that she could no longer walk on her own. While her mother would have immediately demanded she not do something as foolish as this, every ounce of her being told her she had to complete this, for her mother, for herself, and even for Todd, who probably deserved more closure than anyone else over Amy’s death, next to Charlotte herself.

Standing, Charlotte knew she had to do something. Staying in the house all day would do her no good, and she also needed to get out there and meet Todd. They weren’t long for the meeting time now, and she needed to settle her nerves before this meeting. So much depended on it.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Void Zone Episode 141, or "Well, Something's Ascending..."

Steven gets the episode number correct as he and Nick are forced to pick up Brit's slack (that jerk is off doing something else and is not present for the show!) as they disagree on things and forget Paul Bettany's name.

Also, they reviewed Zero Theorem, Rain Man, and Jupiter Ascending!

You can download the episode here or stream it below!

Monday, February 9, 2015

250 Words A Day Challenge! Day Nine

Charlotte, with both hands, gripped the arms of the chair and held her breath. She knew this feeling well; panic attacks were frequent for Charlotte anymore.

The pain shot through her chest and and she stared straight ahead, feeling the invisible wall close in around her. Her grip on the chair’s arms grew and she felt as though she was going to tear the arms off. Quivering, everything felt cold and hot at the same time.

She wished she could close her eyes, shut out the world around her, but her shut eyes would only open her to the world of her mind, a scarier and far less predictable world, where familiar, sad, and deadly images would flood the vision of her mind’s eye so rapidly and without mercy that her panic would only grow to the point of irresistible agony.

She tried to regulate her breathing, to practice what her doctor had told her, but it proved to be difficult each time she suffered this, with short, quick breaths taking the place of the longer, deeper, more relaxed breaths she desperately craved.

She could never tell if she was dizzy during these episodes. Everything felt too off while that invisible wall crushed her. She couldn’t move her head, she couldn’t move her body, save for the involuntary spasms up and down her arms and legs and back, and she couldn’t break free from the powerful grip of this invisible force. Her body rejected her control and instead became a shaking stone, where movement proved not only a fleeting dream, but an impossibility.

Minutes passed and Charlotte fought the tears welling in her eyes. Not because she was embarrassed, or ashamed, but because it was the only power she felt she had left over her body when this happened.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

250 Words A Day Challenge! Day Eight

Chapter Three

Charlotte sat silently on the old chair, holding the hot mug of tea tightly in her hands. The old chair, the old house, all of it slicing deep little wounds that bled memory.

Even the tea was reminiscent of another time. She surprised herself at how well she maintained her calm being in her childhood home, especially given how much she had avoided being here all these years.

Every last detail spoke to her, told her some memory that could never be forgotten even if she pushed it so far down as to not be easily remembered. She did a good job, at least staying on the bottom floor of the two story house, of keeping every painful emotion in check. She had a mission here, after all, and so she had to do her best to keep the focus.

But that left the top story off limits. She couldn’t bring herself to see anything upstairs. Not her room, not her mother’s room, not the upstairs bathroom, or even the guest bedroom. Even the stairs themselves. Actually, the stairs, in particular were too painful for her to see, for that was the last place she saw her mother before her mother’s death.

A difficult task, avoiding even so much as looking at the stairs, especially since they were directly to her left as she sat in the old armchair, but she managed it, for even the slightest thought of that last moment with her mother was almost too much for her to handle.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Void Zone Episode 140, or "Let's Imitate Bootlegging, But Not Actually Condone It."

Brit speaks incoherently on subjects of which he knows nothing. Evan fills in this week as Nick is sick, and Evan just wants to get Tacos. Steven... He's just Steven.

Also, they reviewed The Imitation Game, Big Eyes, and Legends from the Sky.

Download the episode here or stream it below!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

250 Words A Day Challenge! Day Seven

He reached the small structure that held the room he’d just rented. Once inside, he realized just how small it was. It had barely enough room to move around in. He would not be able to spread his arms out or enjoy any real sense of space. This room would only be used for sleeping.

But Todd was okay with this. The confined space was no obstacle to his sleep. If nothing else, it reminded him of how little space he had to escape the harshness of his world, how he had very little refuge.

Todd sat on the small bed, his legs barely fitting in the gap between the bed and the wall. He looked to his right to see the small bathroom on the other end, which only had a toilet as the bathroom was the size of a small closet. Next to the closet-sized bathroom there was a sink with a mirror above it. To his left there was the door outside, with a small space heater against the wall.

Todd put his head to the pillow and stared at the ceiling. It was too early for sleep, but he wanted some time to himself before he left his room and ventured out to find Amy’s daughter. He was not looking forward to the meeting. Still, the thought of falling into slumber and never again dealing with the world sounded appealing. Desirable even.

Chapter Two

“Please don’t cry.” His soft voice echoed through the small chamber. “Please. I want you to be happy.”

He meant it to. He stared at the young woman strapped down to the metal table. He saw the fear in her eyes. He saw the tear stains running down the sides of her face. Her mouth was covered in duct tape, but she still grunted painfully underneath.

She had gone through much, but it was necessary. For her. For him.

He rubbed his fingers through her now greasy hair. It had probably been some time since this young woman had taken a shower. But that wasn’t important now.

“Please. You are almost there. You are almost where you need to be.” He didn’t have the heart to tell her that he’d removed all of her fingers. She had passed out when he had just cut off one. She stayed unconscious through the removal of the other nine.

She could probably tell she didn’t have fingers anymore. Were it not for her head and arms being strapped down to the table, she would be able to check on her mutilated hands herself. She certainly seemed more defeated now than she had in the past few days, when she’d had more energy to protest what was happening. Or, at least attempt to protest.

They always protested. Because they had no idea what greatness awaited them.

“It’ll all be over soon.”

He held up the sharp knife so that she could see it. Her eyes found the blade and a pathetic, whimpering fear took over as her last emotion. He nodded sadly, but with a small grin, and he pressed the tip of the blade to her throat.

“I’m sorry for how much this will hurt.”